22 March 2009

Terror and Security

Hello there PP&AI!

In prep for our new campaign beginning next week (23rd March), here are a couple of videos / newspaper articles about terror and security issues in the UK which you may find interesting / useful. Enjoy! - Much love, Amy xx

'Suspect Nation' (47mins)

'Taking Liberties' (1 hr 41)

'Irene Khan: War On Terror, A War On Liberty' (59 mins)

(Dr Irene Khan is secretary general of Amnesty Int)

'Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition, Torture and Disappearances in the "War On Terror" (26 mins)

'Taxi to The Darkside' (1hr 19)
(The film starts after the strange nazi intro...)

BBC News Article: PM hits back over civil liberties
(There are loads of similar articles you can get to through the nav bar on the right)

'Rendition' Trailer (the new movie)

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  1. Nice work Amy! Term will be ending very soon, and then I'll have time to devote to watching all of these videos! Thanks! :)