19 February 2009

Hi guys

This is our first attempt to enter the amazing new world of web 2.0! Web 2.0? Yes my dears, the hauntingly open space for inappropriate sharing! A world wide web of teenage rants in myspace, drunken photo albums in facebook and a variety of not-so-interesting blogs and disgusting youtube videos. Yey! Here we are to give the world a piece of our peace-loving minds!

That said, you definitely should keep an eye on it as we'll try to gather as much campaigning material as possible and make it easy for you guys to know what we've been up to. Content will consist of Sophie's melodramatic, pseudo-philosophical videos, my personal whining and a lot of news, relevant links and any other stuff this fantastic society desires! Beware, we will want you to make fools of yourselves as well - indeed, we want to encourage everyone to participate and be part of the experience!

That's all for now
(no mocking allowed at meetings!)

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